Lawyers, you can create video that grows your practice and your reputation

Find your edge

Build trust and credibility

Create demand for your services


Step two

Define your audience. Figure out exactly who you want to speak to, where to find them, and how to serve them.

Step three

Tell your story. Establish your brand and understand your value proposition. Define your signature style and your content format.

Build your creator edge. Put the tools in place to deliver on your value proposition: studio, channel, and production plan.

Lawyer Creator is the Cravath of content.

My clients are the CEOs and GCs of some of the biggest institutions in the world. I drive interest and demand for my practice creating legal and entertainment content. The Lawyer Creator team has been innovating with me for more than a decade. The quality of their work, their attention to detail, and their understanding of the law makes them the perfect content partner for any lawyer or law firm.

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George Whipple III

George Whipple III

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